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Spence Counseling Center

The counselors at Spence Counseling Center specialize in marriage and family therapy, teens, grief and loss, sexual addictions, anxiety and depression, gambling addictions and other mental health issues.

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Spence_Counseling_Center_staffSpence Counseling Center is a family-oriented organization that offers a full range of therapy in Omaha and Fremont Nebraska, as well as Council Bluffs and Red Oak Iowa. Founded in 1991 by Carl & Connie Spence after 25 years in ministry, the mission of Spence Counseling Center has remained steadfast; to help hurting people find genuine healing. Although he started the center alone, his vision, inspired by Isaiah 61:1, was to build up a group of good people that genuinely cared about helping people at the core. In 1999, Carl was joined by his son Charles, and together, they have grown Spence Counseling Center into an office of 10 therapists. Today, Charles & Rhonda Spence continue to seek the same vision that has been alive and well for over 25 years, and to help make a real difference in the lives of many.

Our therapists at Spence Counseling Center are dedicated to helping hurting people find the strength, knowledge, and skills to break the patterns in their lives that damage relationships and cause emotional pain. They work diligently to help people discover these patterns and implement change. We strive to empower each person to learn the life skills that strengthen and enable them to maintain those changes.
Spence Counseling Center specializes in marriage & family, children and teens, domestic violence, anxiety & depression, addictions and problem gambling. We provide services to individuals, couples and families. We believe it takes a personal commitment which involves openness, thoughtfulness and honesty in order for therapy to be successful.
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